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How to Setup Your Traffic Zipper Account

How do you setup your Traffic Zipper account?

At this point, you should have joined Traffic Zipper.  If you haven’t yet, click the banner below.

Once you are registered and your account is confirmed, you want to login to your Traffic Zipper members area and watch the Quick Start Video.  The is on the main page.

You will need some time to setup your system.  Taking the time needed to setup your Traffic Zipper account properly, will save you valuable time in the coming months.

1. Click on My Account – My Profile

Double check that your information is correct and input payment information.  Traffic Zipper uses PayPal and AlertPay to pay commissions.  All you need to do is enter your Paypal or AlertPay email address and check the appropriate box.  Now save to update your information.

2. Setup My List Builders

Next you are going to setup your List Builder.  Click on My List Builders – Define List Builders.

This is going to take a bit of time.  The first thing is to define the list builders.  Most programs have a downline builder with Traffic Zipper.  You can choose to list only the programs you are a member of.  By defining your list builders you are setting the system up to be able to send ads to the list builders through Traffic Zipper.

You want to check off only the programs you are a member of.   Once you have selected your programs, click Save at the bottom of the page.

3. Manage My List Builder Details

Click My List Builders – Manage My List Builder Details

In this section, you will want to have your Username, Affiliate ID and Password available for each program.  The username allows Traffic Zipper to login to the programs and  send emails for you.  The Affiliate ID allows new members to join a program under you.  When you have finished entering your information, click Save at the bottom of the page.

Note: Your Username and Affiliate ID can be different for some programs.

4. Remote Downline Builder

Click My List Builders – Remote Downline Builder

In this section you are going to setup your downline builder.  On the search bar click Display All.  This will list all the programs that each of the list builders give you an option to help build your downline on.  Just scroll through and enter your information for the programs you are a member of.  When finished click Update at the bottom of the section.

5. Send Email

At this point you are ready to send out your email ads.  Click Send Email – Compose Email.  Next click on the Check Status on All Hosts button, then Select All link.  This will list all the programs that you entered into your Traffic Zipper system and give you the mailing details for each programs.  Enter your email ad into the appropriate sections and click Send at the bottom of the page.

You are now up and running using Traffic Zipper.  This will save you a lot of time in the coming months.  When you have time make sure to go back and setup some rota

tors to use as part of your advertising arsenal.


To Your Success,

Carlos Loureiro


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