It happened again, but different Results

Carlos Loureiro here.

Just wanted to share an experience I had within the last few weeks.

I have been running Microsoft Windows 10 preview on my computer,

and it performed an update and it was non stop issues with my computer.

To make a long story short, the boot sector on my hard drive crashed and I

had to reformat my computer and start over!

The difference this time is I have Got Backup, so I didn’t have to worry whether

my files were backed up or not. Got Backup runs in the background and automatically

updates my files whenever I make changes or add new files.

After I had my computer software installed, all I had to do was go into my Got Backup

restore program and restore my files. The restore process was simple and only required a

couple of steps.

I highly recommend Got Backup as your backup solution!

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerning about Got Backup.

Carlos Loureiro

Skype: cmloureiro.70