Branding You Online

What is Branding?

Branding refers to the process of creating a unique name and image for a product.  Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market and retain loyal customers.

Creating a unique image for you is just as important as creating an image for your product or business.  Branding can be accomplished in a few simple steps.  Here are the main things you need to start branding you online.


First, you need to get a Dom

ain Name.

There  are many domain registrars out there.  I personally use  You will want to register you name as the domain name, ex.  If you have a common name, you may need to consider other variations of your name, ex.,,  It is impoGoDaddy - World's #1 Domain Registrarrtant to branding you to have you name in the domain.  Check out for pricing and receive a discount.


Second, you now need to host your domain name and setup a WordPress blog.

Why do you want to do this?…Simple, Search Engines love blogs.  All you have to do is provide good content and use proper SEO keywords, your blog will be indexed in no time.  Most hosting companies offer simple solutions for hosting.  I use GVO host my sites.  They provide video tutorials on the entire process of setting up the hosting for your domain and the WordPress blog setup.  The main reason I use GVO is they offer all the services I need to operate my websites for one low price.  Check it out below and try it for 14 days for just $1.

GVO 14 Day $1 Trial



Third, now you will setup an auto-responder and install a form on your blog.

Now that your blog is setup, you will want to create a form to capture subscriber to your blog.  You will need to get an auto-responder to do this.  I recommend GVO.  It will give you all the tools you need to brand you online.  The other auto-responder I recommend is Aweber.

You will need to setup a campaign and then a form to put on your blog, most auto-responder services offer video training.  If you need help with this, just let me know.  WordPress make it easy to place a from on your blog.  The easiest way is with a widget.  Simply copy the html form code into the widget on your blog and your done.  The purpose of the form is to attract subscribers and convert them into buyers over time.  You may want to consider offering a free ebook or email course to encourage subscriptions.


Fourth, you are now ready to start creating content for your blog.

Now that your blog is ready, its time to start adding some content.  The simplest way is to write about your experiences online. ex. did you just get a new marketing tool that is helping you online?  Did you attend a webinar that gave you a new insight on how to market?  Just be you and write your experiences.  Another thing you will want to do is record videos to post on your blog.  Search Engines love video.


Fifth, start driving traffic to your blog.

The easiest way to let the Search Engines know your blog is out there is to “ping” them.  The most popular service is  Other things you can do is to share your blog with friends on social networks.


When you have finished setting up everything outlined above, you will be well on your way to Branding You Online.


To Your Success,


Carlos Loureiro